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Equitone: HD Fibre Cement Cladding

In Symonite's quest to offer the world’s best architectural facades systems they've now developed a number of Equitone High Density Façade fixing systems to ensure they can deliver cost-effective, high performing buildings for residential and commercial use to start off the new year. And now they have CodeMark.

Symonite’s technical department develops solutions that cope with the most diverse applications such as exterior and interior cladding, sun protection, modular systems and balconies. Specifically developed and tested T50 cavity system with the option to add exterior insulation

Equitone fibre cement facade material has 'smashed' the extreme B58414 full scale wall assembly test. The B58414 test evaluates whether a cladding system that is subjected to a fire breaking out of an opening in an external wall will result in excessive fire spread up the outside of the building — creating a risk of the blaze re-entering the building at a higher level.

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