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Symonite Introduces Innovative Coating for Self-Cleaning Buildings

When it comes to buildings, image is everything. Building owners make significant investments in creating structures that reflect the progressiveness of their occupants. Architects understand this, and work to create a look that will not only be memorable but also enduring. Yet both parties face a common enemy that works against their goals for a new building: time.

Time is hard on a structure. Buildings are not only exposed to the natural elements over many months and years, but also to man-made pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), the primary component of smog. These pollutants constantly attack building surfaces, leaving them dirty and causing damage not only to the façade but also to the image of the building — and by extension, the image of its owners and tenants. That's why owners spend a significant amount of money each year to clean and maintain their buildings, in what seems to be a losing effort to resist the effects of time.

An innovative new coating for Reynobond

There is now a new technology available to help building owners and architects gain the upper hand on time and building maintenance. Symonite recently introduced Reynobond with EcoClean — an innovative coating applied to Reynobond architectural panels that helps a building to actually clean itself.

The EcoClean coating makes the surface of the Reynobond super hydrophilic. So instead of beading on the surface, rainwater collapses and runs evenly off the aluminium panels — helping eliminate the tiger-striped look that often appears on building surfaces over time around caulk joints, air ducts and roof water discharge points. Even the slightest amount of water, such as morning dew, activates EcoClean. Each time it does, the water sheeting off the building carries away the broken-down contaminants, leaving the building surface cleaner.

By constantly breaking down organic matter through its photocatalytic properties — and washing it away through its super hydrophilic properties — Reynobond with EcoClean can significantly reduce building maintenance costs. More importantly, it helps maintain the design of the structure as first envisioned by its architect and protects the environment. 1000m² of EcoClean coating destroys as much atmospheric pollution as about 80 trees — this is equivalent to the daily emissions of four cars. It's a scientific breakthrough that delivers tangible benefits, each and every day.

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