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Steel & Tube Provides Unique Low Pitch Roof for Avantidrome

ST963 is a metal roofing and wall cladding profile manufactured by Steel & Tube, having four trapezoidal ribs of 46mm in height. Unique design enhancements stiffen the rib shape to provide industry-leading resistance to both wind uplift and point load distortion. The rib height coupled with the wide pan gives significant water carrying capacity, allowing the profile to be used as a roof cladding down to pitches of 3°, the minimum permitted for metal roofing.

For buildings with widely spaced purlins and/or portal frames, the NZ Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding Code of Practice advises that the allowable cumulative deflections of the frame, purlin and roof sheeting, which can take place over large spans, require the building design roof pitch to be increased to comply with the minimum cladding pitch.

The $28.5 million Avantidrome saw construction companies from across Europe come together to complete the project. Its challenging double curved, oval shaped roof required a complex design solution to meet weatherproofing and internal moisture requirements that would protect the integrity of the indoor wooden track. Steel & Tube's technical team, working with the roof installer, main contractor and the architects, came up with a custom made solution for the nearly 7000 square metres of roofing and cladding on the building, using the ST900 profile on the main roof, S&T Custom Orb on the velodrome walls and S&T HiRib on the annex roof and walls.

ST963 is now manufactured in both Auckland and Christchurch to provide nationwide supply. Due to the increasing popularity and use of ST963, Steel & Tube is now in the process of withdrawing its former industrial profile, Multispan, from the market.

Main Contractor: Livingstone Construction
Roofing Contractor: Lee Roofing
Architect: Chibnall Buckell Marovic Team Architects
Material: Steel & Tube ST900, HiRib, Custom Orb (cladding)
Roof material: Colorsteel Bounce
Project completed: 2013

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