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The Decking Screw with Brains from SPAX

Imagine a decking screw with brains. A screw that allows timber decks to expand in wet weather and shrink in hot dry weather. The SPAX fixing thread under the head clamps the decking board to the joist, locking the boards firmly in place while working with the timber during expansion and contraction, not working against it. Common problems of loose and squeaky boards, protruding screw heads and premature failure of the deck are a thing of the past with SPAX.

The function of the small SPAX cylinder head is not to hold down the boards but to house the SPAX T-STAR plus drive bit. This unique drive system enables maximum power transfer to the screw as well as providing an attractive finish.

The SPAX cut point guides the screw precisely through the timber while the SPAX serrated thread cuts the timber like a sharp knife, reducing the chance of splitting and reducing the installation torque.

It is essential when building a deck, that the correct procedures are followed. Professional workmanship, great design, ventilation, drainage, pre-coating of all the timber and pre-drilling will result in a well built and easy to maintain deck that will last for years, even in the harshest of environments.

SPAX also offer smart solutions for Boardwalks and fixing timber to aluminium and steel substructure.

For a full instructional video on how to install a deck properly, watch the video above.

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