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Cylinder Head Full Thread Screw

The SPAX cylinder head fully threaded screw is a modern, innovative screw ideal for use in either high strength timber connections, reinforcement of timber beams to prevent splitting or where concealed fixings are required.

The full thread provides continuous connection to the timber for the complete length of the screw while the cylinder head is small enough to be buried below the timber surface and plugged so no screw head is visible.

Key Features
  • Full-length thread to achieve high load capacities
  • Small cylinder head which can be installed below the timber surface
  • Unique cut point and serrated thread for reduced chance of splitting the timber and reduced screwing-in torque
  • Patented T-STAR plus recess for better torque transfer and reduced chance of stripping the head
  • Available in 6 and 8mm thread diameters and up to 450mm long
  • DELTA-SEAL coating for superior corrosion protection and resistance to timber treatments
Scope of Use
  • Beam to post connections on pergolas or carports
  • Invisible joist to beam connections
  • Invisible connections for CLT wall to floor joints
  • Fire-rated timber connections where the head can be installed below the char zone
  • Tensile reinforcement to prevent cracks in notched beams and beam penetrations
  • Compression reinforcement to prevent crushing of timber
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • SPAX products are manufactured in Germany and comply with the latest European requirements but have also been tested in local New Zealand timbers
  • Timber connection design can be performed according to either European Technical Assessments or to NZS 3603
Data Sheet: Timber Construction Application

SPAX is a German manufacturer of quality, innovative screws for timber connections such as framing, timber construction, decking, flooring, and cladding.

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