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Solatube vs Conventional Skylights

Even distribution of light — even in confined spaces

Solatube skylights use advanced technology to uniformly distribute natural light throughout living areas, ensuring a gentle, ambient radiance reaches every corner. Lined with Spectralight Infinity, an exceptionally reflective material, these skylights capture and transmit an impressive 99.7% of available natural light, even in confined spaces like closets and bathrooms. Solatube skylights also offer more design flexibility than a conventional skylight with the possibility to specify them in virtually any room of the home, making them a great option for bringing more natural light into dark spaces. 

Versatile installation with a leakproof guarantee

While installing conventional skylights can sometimes be labour intensive — especially when a light well is required — this is not an issue when installing a Solatube. The tubular framework of a Solatube skylight can be adeptly manouevered around rafters and walls, enabling placement in virtually any room, including in double-storey residential structures where conventional skylights prove challenging. And installation can be done in a matter of a few hours and is fuss-free. 

Solatube use proprietary roof flashings that follow the contour of the roof profile, ensuring a watertight installation — addressing a common concern with conventional skylights. Every installation is backed by a secure 10-year Leakproof Guarantee.

Protection against UV rays

While conventional skylights may allow UV rays to enter, Solatube effectively blocks UVB and UVC radiation, and over 95% of UVA. In technical jargon, this means they block everything below 380nm, and only transmit 20% at 400nm, preventing furniture fading and potential health risks. In contrast, conventional skylights often admit unfiltered sunlight, displaying uneven brightness and glare.

Add-on kits for extra flexibility

Solatube skylights can be specified with add-on kits for further flexibility in the home. Homeowners can seamlessly regulate sunlight with a Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer, ideal for daytime cinematic experiences or maintaining a subdued morning ambiance. Or come evening, they can continue to reap the benefits of a Solatube with an LED Light Add-on Kit or Solar-Powered Nightlight, delivering energy-efficient illumination without intruding on ceiling aesthetics.

A smart architectural solution for Kiwi homes

Solatube surpasses the conventional notion of a skylight, providing a holistic lighting solution that elevates architectural environments.

For architects seeking to harness the full potential of Solatube skylights, Solatube's specialised team is available. Request an exclusive, in-depth consultation to tap into expert insights on optimising the benefits of natural light within your architectural design.

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