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Deck Structure Products: Making Deck Building Over Concrete Easier

Building decks over concrete slabs and patios traditionally comes with challenges regarding height and levelling for bearer and joist setup. How can you build a beautiful deck over concrete slabs while keeping the bearers off the ground to prevent unwanted moisture ingress that can cause rotting? Additionally, if the concrete has a slope, how easy is it to adjust supports to maintain a level surface? These are the most common questions the Simpson Strong-Tie team are asked about building a safer and stronger deck over concrete. Now, Simpson Strong-Tie offers a full range of deck structure products that easily solve these issues.

AJH Adjustable Joist Support

The Adjustable Joist Support (AJH) is designed specifically to enable decks to be easily built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for situations where the step-down from the door to the concrete slab is between 100mm (minimum) and around 230mm (maximum). The AJH keeps the joists off the concrete to prevent unwanted moisture ingress, which in turn prevents joist rot from occurring through the bottom of the joists.

MPS Multi-Purpose Support

The Multi-Purpose Support (MPS) is designed as a mid-sized support with excellent adjustability, strength, and versatility. It can be used with either bearer or joist combinations, or with joists alone. The MPS provides top-of-joist/bearer heights ranging from 180mm to 430mm above the existing concrete surface.

ABS Adjustable Bearer Support

Setting up levelling posts and bearers for a deck structure can be tedious and time-consuming, but not with the Adjustable Bearer Support (ABS). ABS is suitable for use in situations where decks are typically 300mm to 600mm off the ground. These heights are achieved by using different height joists and bearers. The ABS has a variety of uses, including building ramps, stairs, post supports, and adjusting the rafter support to achieve the pitch on a skillion roof.

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