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Secure Weatherboards with BRANZ-Appraised Screw Fixing Solution

Simpson Strong-Tie is pleased to introduce the new Quik Drive Attachment for weatherboard installation. Screw fixing offers many advantages over nails, and this attachment provides an approved solution for timber bevel back weatherboards on timber-framed houses.

This purpose-built attachment sets a consistent fixing position (42mm) from the bottom edge of the board, angled upwards at 10 degrees. It simplifies installation, eliminating the need for chalk lines or pencil markings.

A precision countersink adjustment mechanism ensures consistent screw depth, driving screws 3mm below the surface of the weatherboard for a neat and professional finish.

The tool works with the BRANZ appraised (No. 1044) range of SSDTH 305 grade stainless steel collated Quik Drive fasteners, ranging from 65mm to 75mm long. The compact head minimises filling requirements and ensures consistent depth every time, eliminating punching.

These screws are manufactured, tested, and approved by Simpson Strong-Tie, and endorsed by many leading weatherboard manufacturers.

  • Southern Pine Products
  • Clelands Timber 
  • Niagara Sawmilling

Watch the video below to see how easily builders install these screws and achieve perfect depth every time with Simpson Strong-Tie's cordless Quik Drive tool and trim-head stainless steel screws.

The Trim Head Exterior Timber Screw is ideal for superior strength and less noticeable finish in many timber applications, including weatherboards, window and door trims, door jambs, and boxed corners. Additionally, it comes collated for Quik Drive and in loose packs for Deck-Drive. It's also very easy to reverse if needed!

To test the new purpose-built weatherboard attachment, contact your local Area Manager.

View more information on Simpson Strong-Tie, including contact details.
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