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Clever, Future-Ready and Affordable New Electrical Accessories

A modern electrical accessories range that lets users upgrade and customise exactly where they want to, PDL Iconic has a matt finish with all-in-one cover plates, meaning the button is part of the cover plate and the entire item can be removed or upgraded in future.

Additional safety features mean once properly installed by an electrician, the grids are completely safe without the cover plate in place, offering peace of mind and placing future upgrades in the hands of the homeowner.

Design Features:

  • All-in-one cover plates: Cover plates incorporate the skin and the switch, making all elements the same colour and finish 
  • Slim, sleek profile
  • Matt finish in four shades: Vivid White, Warm Grey, Cool Grey, Anthracite
  • Translucent edge: Absorbing the wall colour behind for a perfect blend
  • Personalised through the use of pictograms — which even the homeowner can change.

New Advancements Coming 2017:

  • Bluetooth controlled switches, dimmers and timers
  • Designer 'skins' — able to be changed safely by anyone 
  • Wall mounted nightlight sensor
  • Triple USB plate
  • Grid made predominantly of ABS, skin Polycarb
  • ETIM Industrial Standard, a Schneider Electric Green Premium Product
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