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Apartment Design Flexibility: Rondo has the Complete Solution

The Rondo family of roll formed steel products and services have been the go-to for architects, specifiers, builders and trades who value compliant design and construction solutions that offer design flexibility, speed and efficiency, and product reliability including superior warranties for wall and ceiling framing.

Rondo products have provided the ability for architects and builders to create more flexible designs for apartments with ease, achieving varied ceiling heights, larger spans of external openings, and a smaller footprint for intertenancy walls.

Versatile ceilings with countless configurations and compatibility

The Rondo KEY-LOCK Concealed Ceiling System is a stand-out solution for apartment design, that produces a high-quality sub-structure for a flush or featured finish to plasterboard.

The KEY-LOCK System offers versatility, being able to be used in both walls and ceiling, with the ability to be directly fixed to the substrate above or suspended on wire. The Top Cross Rail can achieve large spans between fixing points while still supporting the furring channel.

KEY-LOCK’S furring channels can be fixed directly to concrete walls, allowing for fixing of plasterboard, without the need of having to frame up a wall and accommodate its footprint, to achieve a plasterboard finish.

KEY-LOCK is also suitable for fire rated and non-fire rated applications and can also be designed for acoustic and seismic requirements.

Stud acoustic wall system to maximum floor space and wall heights

The unique design of our GIB Rondo Quiet Stud is part of an innovative system in providing acoustic control whilst maintaining the ability to maximise room space. Quiet studs’ single profile can eliminate the need for staggered stud wall designs, meaning that a smaller footprint, and less steel, is required to achieve superior acoustic performance.

Quiet Stud provides even further flexibility and acoustic performance, by helping to achieve greater wall heights with its 0.75 BMT option.

Quiet Stud provides the freedom to maximise floor space and wall heights with virtually the same installation as a standard drywall construction, integrating with standard Rondo 92mm Rondo top and bottom wall tracks, labour costs, installation time and complexity are lower than other acoustic methods.

One stud that does the job of two

Increase stud centres and achieve higher walls, whilst decreasing the requirement for horizontal noggings. When used as a wall stud, the Rondo DUPLEX Stud System provides additional load capacity, and in conjunction with good design, assists to reduce material and labour costs.

Two of New Zealand’s largest apartment towers, Pacifica and Seascape, incorporated the Duplex Stud into their design and construction, successfully resulting in increased efficiencies.

Swap out structural steel and let Rondo's product do double duty

Large openings and high wind areas are both covered with Rondo MAXIFrame. Adding increased strength to external walls, MAXIFrame can minimise the need to introduce secondary structural steel to your project's large window and door openings, benefiting not only construction programme timelines, but also increasing installation efficiencies with time and costs saved by not having to include structural steel and additional trades.

A genuine warranty to back superior products

Did you know that not all 10-year cold formed steel product warranties are the same? Special conditions and warranty exclusions vary among manufacturers. In some cases, exclusions make it very difficult to claim against the warranty.

When investing in wall and ceiling framing products for an apartment project, a manufacturer’s warranty exclusions can tell you a lot about the expected performance and longevity of the product.

Rondo’s product warranty is believed to be one of the most comprehensive and trustworthy warranties on the market, providing peace of mind, and protection for apartment projects across New Zealand. View the Rondo website for more information on the Rondo warranty.

Comprehensive, value engineered design solutions for your next apartment project are complementary, via the Rondo technical design team. To request a complimentary design or technical support visit:

View more information on Rondo Building Services, including contact details.
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