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MAXIframe External Wall Framing

The Rondo MAXIframe External Wall Framing system is light-weight steel framing in external wall construction. The system has been expertly engineered to offer builders a more efficient, versatile and cost effective design option than traditional external wall framing construction methods.

The system incorporates standard Rondo 92mm Studs as the main framing, with the inclusion of two new major profiles, MAXIjamb and MAXItrack, and three complementary cleats to provide a simple, yet solid structure.

Key Features
  • MAXIjamb can support and carry greater load than regular wall studs, therefore removing the need for boxed or back to back stud configurations
  • MAXItrack provides a positive connection between stud and deflection head which has allowed the Nogging track normally located 100mm below the head track to be removed
  • Greater performance capacities than traditional external wall framing construction methods
  • Available in custom lengths
  • MAXIjamb is made from hi tensile steel, 1.2BMT G500
  • MAXIjamb can be used as both a vertical jamb member around openings, or horizontal head and sill member in window openings.
  • Majority of Stud and Track is hemmed for safety and increased strength
  • Manufactured with a minimum coating of Z275
Scope of Use

Suitable for:

  • External wall systems
  • Vented external walls
  • Non-vented external walls
  • Load bearing walls by design
  • Window and door Jambs
  • Non-fire rated systems
  • Fire rated systems
  • Dual exterior cladding and interior linings support
  • Insulation in wall cavity
  • Access for services within outer walls
Limitations on Use
  • Installation by qualified tradesperson is recommended
In-Service History

Since its release in 2011, Rondo's MAXIframe External Wall Framing System has already been used in significant projects across Australia and New Zealand.

In the Century Apartments project in Queensland, the MAXIframe system was used to create a solid framing foundation in all 76 residential units.

Complete Rondo Design Manual
Design Manual: MAXIframe
Nogging Manual


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CAD/PDF Details
200 MAXIjamb Stud 92mm
201 Base Bracket
203 Slotted Head Bracket
205 Base Bracket
206 Sill Bracket 150mm

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