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QUIET STUD Acoustic Wall Solution

Rondo QUIET STUD is a breakthrough in acoustic control. Its unique design, combined with appropriate lining board systems, forms an effective buffer against unwanted noise and a cost-effective solution to acoustic control provisions.

Fast and simple to install, it leaves more usable floor space in a similar footprint and is almost exactly the same as standard drywall construction, resulting in lower installation costs and virtual fail-safe acoustic wall system.

System Components:

  • QUIET Stud
  • Wall Track
  • Deflection Head Track
Key Features
  • Achieves superior performance in a smaller footprint, leaving more floor space against traditional staggered stud systems
  • Quick installation as it is virtually the same as standard drywall construction, resulting in lower labour costs
  • Single profile; no need for staggered stud method of installation
  • Utilises standard Rondo 92mm top and bottom wall tracks 
  • Bell-mouthed service holes for electrical cabling
  • Studs are designed for a friction fit into top and bottom wall track
  • Manufactured with a minimum coating of Z275
Scope of Use
  • Acoustic control provisions
  • Acoustic wall system
  • Non-Fire Rated Systems
  • Fire Rated Systems
  • Inter-tenancy walls
Limitations on Use
  • Rondo recommends its products and systems are installed by a qualified tradesperson and according to the relevant codes and standards
  • In addition to the information in the QUIET STUD Design Manual professional advice should be sought
In-Service History

The Rondo QUIET STUD system has been used in a range of projects, including apartments, hotel refurbishments, schools, universities, hospitals and offices.

At the District Law Court in Western Australia, Rondo QUIET STUD was used as an effective buffer against unwanted noise between court rooms and at the recent Clyde Quay Wharf Apartments in New Zealand, between the inter-tenancy walls.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Manufactured with a minimum coating of Z275

Acoustic Performance:

For a performance comparison using the same configuration of plasterboard lining, insulation, sealants and installation details on both a standard Rondo 92mm x 0.55bmt lipped C Steel Stud and the Rondo 92mm x 0.55bmt QUIET STUD — see Table 3 in the QUIET STUD Design Manual .

CAD Drawings
Complete Rondo Design Manual
Design Manual: Quiet Stud
Data Sheet
Rondo Design Wizards
BPIR Statement: Quiet Stud


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