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March 2010

Rheem MPs-325 Split Heat Pump Clean & Mean on Energy

A smaller compressor allows a lower operating noise level making the MPs-325 one of the quietest on the market.

The large 325 litre cylinder means the heat pump runs at a constant optimised rate topping up as water is drawn off.  Although the cylinder is 325 litres this system would suit a household using up to 200-250 litres of hot water per day.

A back up element is also standard with this model and the simple two piece design allows for easy installation by one Trades person. The MPs' 325 enables the storage cylinder to sit inside through the wall from the actual heat pump unit (maximum distance of 4metres). This is great for dwellings where space outside the building may be compromised due to paths or access ways.

Unlike other split system heat pumps on the market, the new MPs-325 is plumber friendly, as water, not refrigerant, flows between the tank and module. This means you don't need a refrigeration mechanic to install the heat pump, as this can be done by the plumber. Thanks to its split design, the storage tank can now be located internally or externally. The Heat Pump module must remain outdoors either mounted to a slab or a wall, making it ideal for efficient space utilisation.

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