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Durable and Sustainable Outdoor Hot Water Heaters

Rheem's reliable and efficient electric and heat pump hot water heater ranges includes models perfect for outdoor installation that will consistently provide hot water all year round. For clients looking to lower their household emissions and reduce their energy costs, Rheem has the right fit, no matter the size or style of the property. 

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Rheem has two electric hot water heater ranges that are suitable for outdoor installation: the Optima series and the Mains Pressure Stainless Steel series. Both ranges are durable in even the harshest of New Zealand weather conditions and are designed to reliably provide households with hot water throughout the entire year. Their colourbond jackets also make them a great fit for the exteriors of most New Zealand houses.

The Optima is available in 180-400 litre capacities, and the larger models (300L+) feature twin heating elements for reduced energy use.

The Mains Pressure Stainless Steel range is available from 135-300 litre capacities, and despite their durability, are lighter to transport and easier to install than most other hot water heaters. 

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heating is providing New Zealand homeowners with a cost-efficient, sustainable alternative way to heat their water — and Rheem has two models perfect for outdoor installation: the new Rheem AmbiPower 180L and the Ambiheat 270L.

By utilising heat from the surrounding air, heat pump water heaters require less energy to create hot water than traditional heaters that rely purely on gas or electricity. Amazingly, this process can save homeowners up to 70% on their water heating energy costs compared with traditional water heaters. All Rheem heat pump hot water heaters area also highly durable and will reliably provide hot water throughout all four seasons.

If you or one of your clients are interested in making the switch to an electric or heat pump hot water heater, you can find Rheem products at your local dealer. You can also reach out to Rheem's friendly team for more information through their website or by calling 0800 657 336. 

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