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July 2010

Rheem Commercial Heat Pump

Designed with the commercial user in mind and up to a 22kW output means over 6,500 litres of hot water can be produced per day.  Up to six heat pumps can be manifolded together and controlled by one master controller and a combination of storage tanks can be manifolded to provide the required storage capacity.

An indoor and outdoor model is available to suit all installations.

The Rheem Commercial Heat Pump has an average Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.81, which means more than 73% of the energy used to produce hot water is free from the atmosphere. Naturally, the hotter the conditions the better the performance.

The evaporator incorporates rifle bore copper tubes, which increase heat transfer by up to 20% over smooth bore tubing. Slit aluminium fins provide even greater transfer of heat from the air to the refrigerant. 

During periods of extremely low ambient temperatures the master controller switches to auxiliary boost mode. If installed, a conventional energy water heater takes over from the heat pump to ensure sufficient hot water is available for use, whilst extending product reliability and longevity.

Like all Rheem commercial water heaters, the Commercial Heat Pump is supported by a nationwide service team and local technical support, to ensure correct sizing, specification and installation.

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