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Eco-Approved Clean with Resene Bio-Cleaner

Creating a cleaner that works well — both to clean effectively and to meet environmental standards — requires a careful balancing act.

Resene Bio-Cleaner is a quick and easy way to clean surfaces ready for painting or use it annually for regular maintenance cleaning to give homes and buildings a fresh look by washing away dirt and contaminants that may be present.

It’s formulated with eugenol, the active ingredient in clove oil, which helps to inhibit mould and fungal regrowth. And it has Environmental Choice approval so architects and their clients can be assured it meets those eco-standards too.

Like washing a car, cleaning a project exterior will help it maintain its good looks for much longer. Airborne contaminants, including salt deposits, which settle on paint film, can attack the surface and cause premature breakdown. Annual washing will help maintain the fresh appearance of your paintwork.

Moss and lichen can penetrate the surface of the paint film, damaging its integrity and reducing the useful life of the film, while mould growth can destroy the chemical entity of the resin system that holds the paint system together. The presence of moss, mould and lichen will hold moisture on the surface longer, promoting further growth of these organisms and increasing the risk of damage to the coating. Removal using the appropriate washing procedure will increase the life of the coating and maintain the aesthetic properties of the paint finish.

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