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Resene's X-200 a Popular Choice in Earthquake Prone Regions

After the devastating damage caused in the Christchurch earthquakes, Resene fielded many calls about how to repair and repaint damaged buildings.  To make this information accessible to all, Resene created a booklet covering the main paint systems recommended.  A copy of the Resene Paint Systems for Earthquake Affected Buildings booklet can be viewed free on the Resene website, or those in Christchurch can pick up a booklet copy from their local Resene ColorShop

A popular option for use in earthquake affected areas is Resene X-200, which combines low viscosity with high build, ensuring excellent penetration into cracks and pores and superb adhesion.  It develops into a tough, durable and continuous membrane, while its fibre reinforcement increases tensile strength. 

Resene X-200 has a lightly textured low-sheen finish, in keeping with current trends for lower gloss finishes.  It is easily applied and has excellent durability.

Available in an extensive range of Resene colours, including the heat-reflective Resene CoolColour technology.  Colours formulated with Resene CoolColour technology reflect more of the sun’s energy than a standard colour, keeping the paint, surface and building cooler.

It’s also available in a Wintergrade variant; Resene Wintergrade X-200, for use in the colder months.  This special variant is designed to cure at very low temperatures, down to 2°C.

Resene X-200 is a popular choice for refurbishments in areas prone to earthquakes and for concrete buildings nationwide.

For more technical information see the Resene X-200 data sheet.

View more information on Resene, including contact details.
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