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Control Noise in Multi-Storey Designs and Rebuilds with Pyrotek Solutions

Exposure to prolonged or excessive noise in residential and commercial multi-storey buildings has been shown to cause a series of health problems such as stress, poor concentration, productivity loss within the workplace, communication difficulties and fatigue from lack of sleep. If not properly controlled, noise can infiltrate and resonate throughout the structure causing discomfort to residents and employees. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to include noise control solutions into new designs or incorporate into renovations and rebuilds.

The type of application and material specification needs to be considered before installation of noise-reducing solutions — such as walls, plenum spaces and wastewater pipes. Pyrotek has developed complete acoustic solutions with a full range of products for the building industry: from barriers to reduce noise and sound absorbers to shorten reverberation time, to composite products to address both.

Whether commercial or residential areas, a peaceful and comfortable environment is vital. Sound travels through walls, plenum spaces of ceilings or floors, even wastewater pipes or HVAC systems are sources of unpleasant noise. Crosstalk, inter-office noise transmission and external noise interference are some of the issues faced in today's high-density living environments, especially with the current trend of lightweight construction. Pyrotek solutions are designed to control noise issues and prevent sound travelling to neighbouring areas.


A high-performance mass-loaded barrier, Wavebar effectively addresses the volume of noise transfer through walls, ceiling and floor structures by preventing coincidence dip resonance. The dense, tear-resistant barrier is ideal for applications such as window mullions, seismic joints, ceiling plenums, HVAC penetrations, and access hatches. Its high flexibility provides easy installation around obstructions such as pipes, ducts and cables.


Soundlag is a highly effective composite pipe lagging developed as an easy-to-use acoustic treatment to reduce noise breakout from wastewater pipes, HVAC ductwork and fan housings. Endorsed and tested by leading acoustic consultants and engineers, it offers a significantly higher performance of up to 5 dB(A) compared to low noise pipe products, specifically in areas with penetrations or no ceiling.


Most carpet underlay products only address impact noise, such as footfall. Silentstep, a premium acoustic carpet underlay, reduces impact-generated noise as well as airborne noise including speech and sound produced by audio technologies. Comprising of a flexible mass-loaded barrier layer combined with a high-density premium foam underlay, it is a highly effective acoustic floor treatment used throughout multi-storey buildings.

By addressing noise transmission between rooms and levels, Pyrotek products improve privacy, comfort and confidentiality. The environmentally friendly products are compliant to international fire standards making them the perfect solution to noise generated in multi-storey structures.

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