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Wavebar is a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss. Wavebar was designed to meet market requirements for reducing noise in the domestic, commercial, industrial and automotive markets

Wavebar prevents coincidence dip resonance. The dense core mass layer reflects and absorbs the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors, reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic audio technologies, such as radio and television.

Wavebar products are environmentally safe, contain no ozone-depleting substances and comply with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

Key Features
  • Low cost, long lasting, with over 40 years' industry use.
  • No ozone-depleting substances generated during manufacture.
  • Free from lead, odour-producing oils and bitumen.
  • Easily installed in awkward places.
  • Easy to cut, sew and mechanically fasten into position.
  • Resistant to most chemicals, solvents and petrol.
  • Resistant to weather and UV light.
  • Tear resistant with high tensile strength. Ability to be suspended in lengths of up to 5m
  • Available in various weights, widths, roll lengths and sheet sizes.
  • Available with various laminates such as foil, metallic film, foams and polyesters.
Acoustic Insulation
Scope of Use
  • Inside cavities or over lightweight wall, ceiling and floor constructions.  Ideal for home theatre rooms, office partitions and meeting rooms.
  • Between the plenum chamber of a floor slab, the roof and adjoining walls.
  • Acoustics doors to improve performance.
  • Portable acoustic curtains and screens.
  • Easily draped over fencing to create an acoustic barrier.
  • Automotive cabin application to reduce engine and road noise transmitting through a structure.
  • Can be laminated onto lightweight structures to damp vibration and reduce airborne noise.
Data Sheet
BPIR Product Statement: Wavebar
Installation Guide

Pyrotek Noise Control products are designed to provide high-level acoustic performance in commercial and industrial buildings.

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