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Etch Glass Effect Films for Safety, Security and Decoration

Commercial applications for etch effect graphics are very well-known and such markings are widely seen in retail and hospitality environments such as hotels and restaurants. One rapidly growing venue for window etches though is the education sector. Here, the needs of privacy, branding and functional markings meet the desire to reflect the curriculum and to make schools more welcoming and attractive.

Metamark’s Range of etch effect films offers signs and graphics producers opportunities to create very detailed markings that can function as graphical devices and that confer a functional benefit. Two or more contrasting etch films, for example, can be assembled into a pictorial display reflecting a school’s locality. The graphic has, therefore, a branding function and can also fulfil a need for privacy. Once again, in schools just a little etch can go a very long way in providing high-value decorative elements with bespoke designs mirroring the school’s identity.

In decorative applications, Metamark Dusted Etch can be applied on surfaces other than clear glass. In gyms, large mirrors can be branded with etch effect markings. Transparent coloured acrylic panels with applied Dusted Etch markings look spectacular. Perhaps the most subtle of all application sees the use of dusted etch on panels of gloss black vinyl or acrylic. The contrast between the gloss and the etch with that added sparkle is both decorative and looks a million dollars.

Applications delivered with Metamark Etch effect films may look like a million dollars but thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and plant that Metamark uses to produce all its window films, they cost anything but. Using Metamark films is cost-affordable, without compromising on performance. 

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