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Retrofit Wheelchair Lift with Striking Views

The owners of this three-level home in the Marlborough Sounds needed to add a lift big enough to fit a large wheelchair. Rather than tucking the lift away somewhere out of sight, they wanted it to be a special feature, enabling guests to enjoy amazing views across the sounds as they travelled. With a wishlist that also included the best possible speed between floors, Powerglide Elevators was a natural fit.

“Because the entire lifting mechanism of a Powerglide Elevator fits between the rails, there is no machinery in the ceiling,” says Allan, Sales Director of Powerglide Elevators. “This means there was no need to strengthen the ceiling rafters, or modify the roof line. Powerglide Elevators also run on their own, self-supporting rails, eliminating the need for a specially engineered, hard-wearing lift shaft.”

Powerglide Elevators are fully customisable, allowing clients flexibility of designs and finishes, including the use of glass to maximise views. Control panels can also be positioned for easy access by wheelchair users.

“The owners absolutely love the lift which has become an integral part of their day-to-day life,” comments Allan. “We’re really pleased with the way the lift integrates into the house — the design is so seamless it looks as though it was always there.”

At nine seconds floor-to-floor, Powerglide Elevators are extremely fast and deliver a quiet and smooth ride. The hardware is manufactured in NZ, providing a faster turn-around from design through installation.

For clients with less ambitious lift projects, Powerglide offer a convenient Ready-to-Install range based on their most popular sizes and configurations. This range provides the same high standard of safety, durability and quality in a surprisingly affordable package. And with a minimum size of only 900 x 900mm, lifts can be accommodated in a space the size of an average cupboard.

Location: Waikawa Bay, NZ
Powerglide Elevator specs: 3 stops, 6000mm of travel, open lift car for a view
Design and manufacture Time: Approx 4 weeks
Install time: Approx 3 days
Architect: Smart Alliances, Blenheim
Building Contractor: Smith and Sons Blenheim

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