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Commercial E-Series Elevator (Bespoke)

The Powerglide Commercial E-Series Elevator package provides a convenient starting point to create a bespoke elevator. It is suitable for smaller commercial buildings requiring disabled access up to 4 full floors and includes Powerglide's proprietary hydraulic drive system, high-quality componentry, and industry-leading Design Support Programme. It includes all the necessary accessories and features to comply with all commercial requirements.

Purchasing the Powerglide E-Series package provides the reassurance of knowing all the basics are taken care of, so the focus can be on working with the Powerglide Design Team to bring the vision to life — with as much, or as little, customisation as needed.

Powerglide's Design Team is responsible for New Zealand's most extraordinary bespoke lifts. They created a steam-punk-themed, circular steel-mesh elevator for Pic’s Peanut Butter World, and a glass-sided elevator that’s the centrepiece of one of New Zealand's most awarded homes. Other E-Series Elevators boast specially commissioned back-lit art installations, a repurposed chicory roaster as the ceiling, and walls made almost entirely of CDs. The bigger the vision, the more they like it.

Powerglide also understands that sometimes, having a customised elevator isn’t about creating something unusual — it's simply a case of necessity, such as an awkward space to work with, or complications in retrofitting an elevator into an existing building. The Powerglide Design Team will work to find a way to accommodate a 'non-standard' situation, to get the best outcome for the project.

The standard E-Series package is used as a price as the starting point for such projects and may be helpful as an indicative baseline. Once Powerglide receive a brief the design and price of the elevator are entirely to spec, and pricing will reflect the level of customisation and complexity.

Key Features

Recommended for:

  • Making a design statement / incorporating an elevator into a difficult space


  • Enclosed car or open car. Doors on up to 3 different sides + multiple doors per floor.


  • Fully bespoke

Proprietary Hydraulic Technology:

  • Lift runs on its own rails; does not require a specially engineered lift shaft
  • Guide rail system significantly reduces sideways movement for greater stability

Fast and Smooth:

  • High speed (300mm per second) — twice as fast as any platform lift
  • Soft start, smooth acceleration, and a gentle stop
  • Approximately 10 seconds to travel up or down 1 floor

Low Maintenance:

  • 5 year no maintenance guarantee
  • Optional remote monitoring (available from late 2023); allows the Powerglide team to monitor, repair and upgrade lift remotely


  • Electronic safety curtain; scans open faces and stops the lift automatically if something breaks the beam
  • Safe exit during power failure; returns lift to the lower level to allow safe exit
  • Optional remote monitoring (available from late 2023); allows the Powerglide team to provide support in the case of emergency
  • Security access options available
  • Lifemark Accredited
  • Includes in-car phone and handrails

NZ Design & Build:

  • Minimal lead time; design & manufacture from 8 weeks, versus 30+ for imported lifts
  • Seamless in-house design-build-installation service
  • 95% local componentry; easy access to parts
Scope of Use
  • Suitable as a service or passenger lift, can be combined with disabled access options
  • Suitable for new designs or retrofits
  • Up to 5 stops or 9.6m of travel (typical 4 stop travel distance)
  • Car height up to 2400mm
  • Load capacity maximum: 340kg
Limitations on Use
  • Travel limited to 9.6m
  • Maximum of 5 stops
  • No doors on the lift car
  • Minimum internal shaft size required of 1160mm deep x 930mm wide (across rails)
  • Requires ceiling height at the top level of at least 2300mm
  • Requires pit depth of at least 300mm, travel of <3600mm requires cylinder caisson inserted into ground
Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Powerglide is manufactured and installed to comply with the requirements of NZBC D2/AS2 as an acceptable solution using NZS 4334:2012, and also as an alternative solution using the standards of AS 1735.18 2002 in conjunction with NZBC D2/AS2. 

Other Performance Attributes
  • 5 year maintenance free* guarantee

*Unlike a residential / domestic installation, a commercial disabled access elevator must be inspected regularly — at least once every 12 months


Powerglide's Design Support Programme
Bespoke E-Series Elevators

Powerglide Elevators manufacture and install high-quality elevators with a travel distance of 4 full floors. They are suitable for residential use, medium-density, and smaller commercial buildings.

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