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Powerglide Elevators

Powerglide Elevators manufacture and install high-quality elevators with a travel distance of 4 full floors. They are suitable for residential use, medium-density, and smaller commercial buildings.

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About Powerglide Elevators

Powerglide Elevators are designed and built in New Zealand using 95% local componentry, with a significantly shorter lead time than imported elevators.  Their in-house design-build-install service supports specifiers and builders at each stage of the process.

Powerglide’s proprietary hydraulic technology means the lift runs on its own rails, not touching the sides, and does not require a specially engineered lift shaft. This makes Powerglide Elevators fast, stable and safe, while being low maintenance, and offering flexibility of design. As there is no ceiling space machinery, Powerglide Elevators are suitable for use with all rooflines including skillion. Pit depth requirements are significantly less than for a water lift, making them ideal for retrofitting and for use near the water table.

Powerglide’s industry-leading safety features make them suitable for use by children and those with restricted mobility.

Elevators are available in 5 car configurations, ranging from full-car to open platform. Lift cars can have exits on up to 3 sides and multiple exits on each level.  

Powerglide offers Pre-Designed Elevators for residential and commercial use, with more than 10 décor choices, and accessories such as mirrors, handrails, and phones. 

They also offer a bespoke service for fully customised lifts. 

News from Powerglide Elevators

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