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Pink Batts Ultra Insulation Saves Energy, Money

The purpose of any thermal insulation is to stop the transfer of heat from one area to another. The better the insulation, the more efficient it will be at stopping that heat transfer. Because of this increased efficiency, upgraded insulation pays for itself over time and continues to saves money for the life of the home.

Another benefit of adequate home insulation is the positive effect it has on the health of the occupants. The benefit of upgrading home insulation is gaining these health benefits for a lower long-term cost.

Homes with an internal temperature below 16°C increase the risk of respiratory disease. Half of all New Zealand homes (700,000) have inadequate insulation so it is no surprise that New Zealand has the second highest rate of asthma in the world.

The World Health Organisation recommends houses maintain a minimum temperature of 18°C to ensure that the occupants remain healthy and comfortable. A Wellington School of Medicine study has also found that insulated houses result in families with fewer sick days and an economic benefit that was double the cost of the insulation.

Therefore, the real benefit of Pink Batts Ultra is paying an upfront cost to gain long-term cost savings. Depending on the size and specification of the house, upgrading the insulation may only represent a 1% increase in the total build cost but the ongoing savings for the homeowner are significant.

Since 2005, electricity prices in New Zealand have increased on average 51.4% nationally. A 2010 BRANZ report showed that on average there was a 17% saving in energy to heat and cool a home when upgraded insulation was installed instead of New Zealand Building Code minimums.

This gives a two-fold advantage to occupants: not only will they save energy from heating and cooling, but as that energy gets more expensive, real savings will increase.

Paying for itself over time and continuing to save money for the life of the home makes upgrading to Pink Batts Ultra another good call.

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