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Achieving More Energy-Efficient Homes with Pink Batts Insulation

Designing homes that are energy efficient has long term financial benefits, but it is also important to consider the non-financial benefits like living in warmer, drier and healthier homes.

The NZBC Clause H1 Energy Efficiency outlines that buildings must be constructed to achieve an adequate degree of energy efficiency. We consider that "adequate" insulation only describes a minimum level.

A simple and effective way of creating a more energy-efficient home is by upgrading the R-value of the insulation.

Upgraded insulation will have one of two benefits. Either:

  • The home will be cheaper to keep at a constant temperature, or;
  • For the same price the home will be warmer, due to less heat loss

By upgrading the insulation from 'Pink Batts Classic' to the higher R-Value 'Pink Batts Ultra', architects can design for long term health and energy savings.

The Pink Batts Ultra range offers up to:

  • Pink Batts Ultra R2.8 for 90mm wall framing 
  • Pink Batts Ultra R4.0 for 140mm wall framing 
  • Pink Batts Ultra R7.0 Ceiling

Depending on the size and specification of the house, upgrading the insulation may only represent a 1% increase in the total build cost but the health, comfort and energy benefits for the homeowner are significant.

Pink Batts is a partner of the recently launched Homestar V4. An independent Homestar rating proves a house has been well designed and built, and has better thermal performance than the standard kiwi home. 

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