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How Can Pink Batts Insulation Help Projects Meet a Homestar 6 Rating?

Part of the overall goal of Homestar is to deliver warmer, healthier and more comfortable places to live.

Homestar is a points based tool that goes from 1 through to 10 (world class). A typical new house built to the NZBC would achieve a 3 – 4 Homestar rating.

Pink Batts insulation and PinkFit can contribute on the following categories:

1. Energy, Health and Comfort (EHC)

To obtain a 6 star rating there is a minimum requirement of 12 points for the credit “EHC-1 Whole House Thermal Comfort”. This credit is part of the EHC category.

The thermal performance (R-value) of the building elements are higher compared to the current NZBC, for instance in the roof element.

City NZBC Clause H1 Acceptable Solution HomeStar 6
Auckland R 2.9 R 3.6
Queenstown R 3.3 R 4.9

A similar scenario happens with the external walls.

Pink Batts insulation offers high R-value products that will help projects to achieve higher R-value elements. Pink Batts' highest insulation R-values are:

  • For roofs: Pink Batts Ultra R7.0 Ceiling
  • For walls: Pink Batts Ultra R4.0 140mm Wall or Pink Batts Ultra R2.8 Wall (90mm)

2. Materials (MAT)

“MAT 1 – Sustainable Material” rewards the use of third-party certification. Pink Batts insulation products have an Environmental Choice accreditation, a Homestar accepted eco label.

Pink Batts Environmental Choice products

3. Management (MAN)

If the insulation is installed by PinkFit, Pink Batts' professional installers, then points can be achieved under “MAN 3 – Responsible Contracting”.

Visit the Homestar website to find out more about the process of gaining a Homestar rating.

Getting a rating – the process

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