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Pink Batts Insulation: Providing Comfort for Kiwis for Over 60 Years

Pink Batts Insulation is a Kiwi company that has been rolling Pink Batts bales out of their Penrose, Auckland-based facility since 1961. They have been New Zealand’s only glass wool manufacturer for over 60 years.

With a proud Kiwi heritage, Pink Batts employs passionate Kiwis who continue to support the industry and their customers every day. They even have their own team of PinkFit installers to ensure Pink Batts insulation is installed correctly every time and to ensure New Zealanders have comfortable spaces to live and work in.

It’s well known that the past few years have proved challenging for the building industry, with shortages of supplies, resources, and high demand of products, and it’s safe to say that Pink Batts has faced plenty of challenges too. However, with over 60 years of relationships, sourcing locally and the factory operating and manufacturing Batts 24/7, it has made these challenging times a lot simpler knowing that Pink Batts has always been there and always will be well into the future.

The focus for Pink Batts insulation is not only on quality, but they are equally focused on reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing process too. Everything they do, from using over 80% recycled glass, sourced right here in New Zealand to careful water and energy conservation at the plant, ensures that they strive to minimise any negative impact on the environment. It’s how they earned a highly prized EPD, an Environmental Product Declaration. You can look for it on the Pink Batts packaging.

Being Kiwi at their core, Pink Batts insulation is passionate about raising the standards of New Zealand homes and buildings to create the most comfortable living and working spaces for all New Zealanders. All while helping to keep New Zealand beautiful too.

Learn more about Pink Batts Insulation at

The colour PINK and Pink® are registered trade marks of Owens Corning used under license by Comfortech Building Performance Solutions™. Batts® is the registered trade mark of Comfortech Building Performance Solutions™.

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