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Create Comfortable Living Spaces with Energy-Efficient Roof Tiles

As temperatures start to fall and New Zealand heads towards the cooler winter months, it's a good time to reflect on what roofing materials offer the best properties when it comes to retaining and maintaining heat inside the home. By having a roof that is well insulated and using a roofing material that has greater thermal mass, home owners are well on the way to creating a home that will be more comfortable, energy efficient and ultimately cheaper to run.

Monier roof tiles, in either terracotta or concrete, have a greater thermal mass than other roofing materials and a definitive thermal advantage over highly conductive roofing materials, such as metal. Roof tiles, combined with quality insulation and Monier Underlay, will result in the interior of a home maintaining a stable temperature and being more resistant to temperature changes in the external environment. This means that heating doesn't have to work as hard to keep the interiors warm in winter and likewise, in summer, air-conditioning doesn't have to work as hard to keep it cool. The home remains comfortable all year round and saves money for homeowners by reducing their energy bills, as it is far more efficient and uses less energy to heat or cool a home that does not have constantly fluctuating temperatures.

For a roofing system that results in comfortable living and reduced carbon emissions and energy usage, a combination of Monier terracotta or concrete roof tiles, underlay and insulation should be incorporated in the overall roof design. It's better for the home, the home owner and better for the planet.

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