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Innovative Flashing Tape Solutions for Weathertightness

When selecting a flashing tape for weathertight treatment around window and door openings, it is important to consider the following:

  • Detail of window or door opening: Is this a fairly standard construction detail or unique application? (e.g. includes shaped or stepped edges)
  • Substrate for tape application: Typically this would consist of timber or steel framing with a rigid or flexible wall underlay, e.g. Tekton (Non-absorbent) or HYDRA (absorbent).
  • Window joinery: Is the type of seal or sealant being used compatible with the flashing tape, and is there is any risk of ‘plasticizer migration’?
  • Temperature/Climate: of building location during construction

These factors above will assist in determining the most appropriate type of flashing tape to suit the specific design and application, whether it be:

  1. ProSill One-piece bituminous flexible tape
  2. ProSill System Bituminous flexible tape system
  3. Super-Stick high-performance window and door flashing tape

Super-stick is a flexible flashing tape used around framed joinery openings as a secondary weather-resistant barrier. This flashing tape utilises a high tack pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) combined with a high-performance toughened film: less than 0.4mm thickness and suitable for use in low temperatures down to -6 degrees celcius.

When applied correctly, Marshall Innovations' range of construction tapes reduces the risk of water ingress and contributes towards a warmer, dryer and healthier internal environment.

For a new-build project or complete building envelope weathertight system approach please also see: Marshall Weatherization System in Masterspec or Smartspec.

If you require any assistance with appropriate flashing tape selection please contact Marshall Innovations, or for tape installation guidance please visit the Marshall Innovations website.

View more information on Marshall Innovations, including contact details.
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