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Waste to Warmth Quantified

We all know that Mammoth Insulation is “made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles” and yet the enormous scale of the impact is hidden in that statement.

Mammoth is pleased to be able to tell you the number of plastic bottles used in their product destined for the homes that you design and build.

These plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill are recycled and repurposed into Mammoth polyester insulation — a long-lasting construction material that in itself reduces carbon emissions through energy efficiency.

Detailed below are the number of bottles* used per 100sqm of key Mammoth insulation products:

  • Mammoth Wall Sections: up to 15,600 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Skillion Roof Sections: up to 9,300 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Underfloor Sections: up to 7,800 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Masonry Wall: up to 7,800 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Ceiling Blanket: up to 7,400 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Wall Blanket: up to 5,600 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Acoustic Wall Blanket: up to 4,300 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Acoustic Bafflestack: up to 3,700 bottles per 100sqm
  • Mammoth Underfloor Blanket: up to 3,300 bottles per 100sqm

H1 Calculations — what a difference a house makes

When you request to use our H1 Calculation service you’ll not only get a free calculation, but also a certificate estimating the number of plastic bottles diverted from landfill by that specific home.

So when you’re looking at the insulation requirements for your next project, reach out to your Mammoth Account Manager for a free H1 calculation and make a real difference.

Schedule a visit from your Mammoth Representative here

*Calculations are based on 500ml PET bottles (16.2g).

View more information on Mammoth Insulation, including contact details.
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