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Beach Themed Upgrade for Milford Reserve Changing Room and Toilet Block

Milford Beach Reserve, located in Auckland’s North Shore, is situated on the seafront with picturesque views to Rangitoto Island. The park is right next to a beautiful Marina and is a short walk from upmarket Milford Shopping Mall. The lively community area is perfect spot for recreational activity, picnicking, walking and having fun.

The changing room and toilet block situated in the park was in need of an extensive upgrade and after much community feedback the old brick building was replaced with a modern building with a beach-themed exterior.

The new facility includes six toilets, two unisex accessible toilets, two changing rooms with showers, a double external shower and a drinking station.

MacDonald Industries were consulted to help with the bathroom fitout. With an extensive range of bathroom products designed specifically for public bathrooms, MacDonald Industries specified RAK Toilets and Basins, Delabie Taps and Showers and MacDonald Baby Change Tables.

Delabie Sporting 2 Shower Panel

Delabie Sporting 2 Shower Panel has been specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism. The aluminium panel is highly durable with reinforced and concealed fixings. The fitted shower head is tamper proof and scale resistant. The streamlined design and structure discourages attempts at vandalism.

The shower panel offers maximum water savings ensuring water bills can be reduced whilst preserving user comfort. The shower shuts off automatically after approximately 30 seconds of flow once the push-button has been pressed, removing the risk of water wastage. The time flow is reduced to the necessary minimum for wetting and then rinsing. The flow rate is regulated at 6 lpm so the flow remains constant regardless of pressure variations in the system.

RAK Toilets and Basins

RAK Toilets and Basins have a minimalist, modern design with carefully finished details. Products are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them adaptable to suit a wide range of bathroom situations.

RAK Reserva Wall Faced Toilet Pans were installed in both the mens and womens bathrooms and the RAK Compact Accessible Wall Faced Toilet Pan was installed in the accessible bathroom cubes.

RAK toilets offer a forward-thinking design that takes into equal account sustainability and design aesthetics. The toilets use high-tech production techniques which are designed to provide as low an impact as possible on the world’s resources, while the longevity of the toilets adds to its environmental credentials.

Delabie Time Flow Taps

Infection control in public bathrooms is now a priority in building design, to help protect our community from Covid-19 as well as other infectious diseases.

Delabie time flow taps shut off automatically with no manual contact once the button has been pushed and the valve has opened which helps prevent the spread of germs.

In addition, the timed flow and the pre-set flow rate reduce water consumption and optimise the water bill. The flow time is reduced to the necessary minimum (wetting, rinsing).

Delabie taps have been specifically made from durable materials such as brass, stainless steel and reinforced fibreglass to withstand voluntary and involuntary vandalism.

Along with push button time flow taps being installed, lever options were installed in the accessible bathroom. Lever operation allows users to operate the controls with minimum effort.

Location: Milford Reserve, Auckland
Project: Changing room and toilet block renewal
Client: Auckland Council
Time of Project: Completed August 2021
Plumbing: Mainworks

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