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Litecrete 220mm Thick Cladding Panels for Nexus Apartments

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. This is an appropriate description for the Nexus Apartments in Ponsonby. Built by CMP Construction, the building is virtually a series of inter-connected concrete components.

Typical precast cladding panels are usually 150mm thick and have to be strapped and lined after installation. However, architect Andre Hodgskin’s design called for a concrete finish on both the exterior and the interior wall surfaces of the apartments.

This was achieved by using 220mm thick Litecrete lightweight precast cladding panels. The pumice aggregate used in the concrete mix provides in-built insulation which at 220mm thick complies with the requirements of the residential Building Code H1 Energy Efficiency (Solid Construction Excluding Solid Timber). So once the panels are installed, they are virtually complete. The external surfaces had a matt finish clear sealer applied after installation to prevent grime build-up on the surface and to keep the panels in pristine condition. The internal surfaces were also sealed to prevent the concrete from dusting.

Litecrete has a 50-year structural warranty, a lifetime of 100-years plus and because there is nothing organic in the concrete, it will never rot or harbour mould or mildew. Litecrete also has good acoustic properties and a BRANZ 4-hour fire resistance rating.

220mm thick Litecrete load-bearing wall panels are also regularly specified for stand-alone residential dwellings.

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