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Inspired by Nature: The Top Kitchen Trends for 2020

As a society, one of our top concerns at the moment is the environment. In terms of interior and kitchen design, that concern is filtering into design trends, with a distinct movement towards tones and textural materials that emulate the natural environment.

“The palette of tones we’re seeing coming through that will be at the forefront of kitchen trends in 2020 is one of deep, vivid earthy tones — hues that draw nature indoors and create that vital and sought-after link with the natural world,” Niche Design Co’s Chelsey Mathieson says.

What are people looking for when they approach a full kitchen renovation?

Chelsey: In terms of materials chosen, we’ve seen a huge rise in the use of Melteca for cabinetry exteriors in the mid to high-end market.

The drawcard of this material, which is putting Melteca at the top of the kitchen trends at the moment and going into 2020 is the price point. It’s much more cost-effective than other typically high-end materials while achieving similar results in colour, finish and texture.

Can you tell us how the new range of Melteca colours is in line with the top kitchen design trends for 2020?

Chelsey: The beauty of the expanded range is versatility in terms of design freedom and having access to these perfectly on-trend earthy colours with deep green and sage hues, and beautiful new wood grain finishes with soft walnut tones echoing the current trends.

Any suggestions on how you would use the new Melteca colours?

Chelsey: Classic Oak is going to be a popular choice in the new colour release for many different applications including kitchen accent colours, vanities and wardrobes — it is a beautiful take on a nice ash tone of Oak with a realistic grain pattern. It will also pair beautifully with the soft neutral sage tones like Green Slate, Possum and Bayleaf.

What are your go-to colours for kitchens in 2020?

Chelsey: The Melteca Bullet colour is a beautifully deep, charcoal grey that I find myself specifying frequently as an accent colour because it creates a real sense of depth without being too harsh. The other Melteca colours I’m using frequently at the moment are Planked Urban Oak and the new Classic Oak — both beautiful woodgrain colours that look natural and reflect the warmth and texture of the natural colour palettes we are working with.

What are the top trends for cabinetry finishes at the moment?

Chelsey: The development of the Satin finish has been a game-changer for Melteca with its soft, smooth finish and 1mm laser edging — this is a definite go-to. Another personal favourite is the PureGrain finish, which is really textured and gives a nice sense of depth to a woodgrain colour. It’s also much more realistic than what was previously available, creating a more natural looking timber finish.

Which edgetape do you like to use with Melteca?

Chelsey: I definitely prefer 1mm edging on all Melteca throughout my projects. If Laser is available then this would be my preference, however, with the 1mm PVC edging (and a great kitchen manufacturer) you can get a near-perfect edge finish.

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