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Laminex New Zealand: Environmentally Recognised Products and Practice

In a market where detailed product data is increasingly available online, it can be more and more challenging to sort through the mire of information to find meaningful measurements. In these situations, third party certifications provide unbiased verification of product performance and support the claims made by manufacturers, providing specifiers peace of mind and assuring that products specified are fit for purpose.

When it comes to environmental policy and sustainable practice, the New Zealand Green Building Council uses a range of third party eco-labels as a yardstick by which a material meets the qualification of 'environmentally preferable'. Certifications such as Greenguard and Declare assure the air quality and material consistency of a product, whereas ISO14001 and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification ensure that manufacturing and distribution processes meet environmentally responsible standards.

Laminex New Zealand supports the belief that a company needs to be responsible for its actions — socially, ethically and environmentally. The GREENfirst programme has been established to encompass the company's numerous programmes for environmental management. This strategy reflects the belief that action must follow good intentions and ambitious goals. Laminex New Zealand strongly believes in the importance of supporting sustainable building practices. For this reason, Laminex NZ is putting 'green' first and employing a range of processes, as well as the latest technology, to ensure it reduces its carbon footprint and delivers environmentally preferable products wherever possible. From the manufacturing plants to installation, Laminex NZ is working closely with customers to foster a sustainable building industry.

This sustainable focus has been recognised by a number of industry body awards, most recently with Laminex New Zealand receiving two commended awards at the 2016 Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority Awards in May for the activities of its Taupo manufacturing plant.

Two of the company's products, Laminex Solid Surface and Strandboard have achieved the prestigious 'Red List Free' label from Declare, described by the International Living Institute as a 'nutrition label' for products. This means that these products are completely free of red list materials which cannot be used if construction is to meet the criteria of the Living Building Challenge. Based on this, Bubble Interiors chose Strandboard for the Excelso Coffee Roastery and Café renovation in Tauranga.

For more information on Laminex New Zealand's sustainable practices and the eco-certifications carried by our products please visit the sustainability section of the Laminex website or download the Laminex New Zealand Eco-Certification matrix.

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