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Suddenly Seeking Defined Space in the Kitchen

Modern life seeks multifunctional space in the homes that can change as required. With the adaptation of technology in every part of life, not only are homes a space to live, but they also serve as an office, a study, and are filled with screens that connect to the online world. At Milan Design week, designers turned their attention to contemplating the darker implications of devices that swallow so much time. In light of this trend, how can colour help redefine the kitchen as a place to connect with loved ones, and a space to switch off the digital world and reconnect with the physical act of cooking?

The answer? be braver with colour choices. Put down the millennial pink, and move towards the bolder adult tones like Melteca’s Acrylic Soft Touch in the shade Blue Night. The strong blue hue anchors the space and signifies a change in environment, making the kitchen a distinctive space to reduce screen time. The luxe matte aesthetic enhances the space with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

To finish this confident look, match burnished organic shaped metals pots filled with herbs to bring the outside world in, helping reconnect with the physical.

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