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Louvrelite Aluminium: Innovative Designs for Enhanced Thermal Performance, and Ventilation

Architects increasingly face the dual challenge of designing spaces that are both energy-efficient, and comfortable. Providing systems that advance window, daylight, and ventilation design, to create comfortable and sustainable living environments is increasingly popular and desirable.

The Louvrelite range presents many features and benefits that when utilised in housing design become a viable and cost-effective option.

  • Custom-made in NZ to project requirements
  • Designed for shading an area whilst letting in light and breeze
  • Specifiable exterior building product with a PS1
  • Powder coated to match or contrast building design
  • Designed for New Zealand environments
  • Durable aluminium and stainless steel for longevity and minimal maintenance 
  • Lightweight and simple to install

One of the primary concerns in new buildings, especially with airtight design, is maintaining optimal thermal performance while ensuring adequate natural light. Louvrelite systems address this by integrating solar control features that regulate heat gain and loss. This enhances occupant comfort and can contribute to reducing reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning which ultimately leads to energy savings.

Louvrelite Solar Control System

The Louvrelite Solar Control System enables passive design to provide year-round shade control. Louvres are the perfect design feature to control light passively and the Solar Control System utilises seasonal light angles. The system uses adjustable louvres that can be positioned to maximise natural light entry while minimising unwanted solar heat gain during the summer months without any ongoing adjustments.

  • Functional design feature for passive solar control
  • Set to block the hot summer sun, but allow light through in the colder months
  • Louvres set for optimal year-round solar control

Louvrelite 88 Series

The Louvrelite 88 Series sliding panel system combines aesthetic appeal and environmental control. Providing the ability to control how much airflow or light shines through by tilting individual louvres or sliding entire panels as desired.

The Louvrelite system also facilitates ventilation as the adjustable louvres offer controlled airflow. This helps to remove excess humidity from the interior, reducing the conditions that lead to condensation.

  • Architecturally designed for New Zealand environments
  • Designed for shading outdoor areas, whilst letting in light and breeze
  • Top or bottom rolling options
  • Slats: 49mm, 60mm or 123mm, horizontal or vertical
  • Louvres: 80mm, 120mm or 150mm, horizontal
  • Custom-made screens up to a maximum 1500mm wide x 2700mm high
  • One, two, three or four-door screen configurations available

Louvrelite Gable Sun Shade

The Louvrelite Gable Sun Shade is a fixed louvre system and a practical solution for medium to large building gables that receive intense sunlight. As the system is a passive design feature, it can be easily integrated into the architecture of a building. 

  • Entry foyer and balcony configurations
  • Hidden fixings present a premium design aesthetic
  • Powder coated to match or contrast building design
  • Lightweight and simple to install

Offering architectural flexibility and aesthetic appeal. The Juralco Louvrelite systems are not only functional but are good to look at. Their sleek design can be seamlessly integrated into various architectural styles, enhancing the visual appeal of the building.

Whether used in residential or commercial projects, this adaptability helps architects to maintain their design vision while incorporating essential environmental controls that promote a drier, healthier more comfortable living environment

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