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Frameless Glass Balustrades: What are the Options?

Since the change in balustrade regulations in 2016, all glass balustrades must feature either an interlinking top rail or laminated safety glass to comply with NZS4223.3.2016. It is about providing backup protection from falling in the (highly unlikely) event of glass panels breaking.

Choices available are: 

  1. Interlinking Rail: Juralco have designed an interlinking rail system with a slim profile which is as inconspicuous as possible. Powder coated in a colour matching the balustrade fixings also helps the top rail to blend in with the overall finish. Matching jointers and connectors are included in the suite for easier fastening of the rail ends to a structure or balustrade post.
  2. Laminated Glass: This option combines toughened laminated glass (two panes of glass bonded with an EVA layer), with glass support clamps or posts (with glass siliconed in), between each panel. If the glass breaks, the EVA layer keeps it intact, whilst the clamps or posts stop the barrier from falling over, binding the broken pane to adjoining panes, the building or the post.
  3. Sentry Laminated Glass: This is popular for a completely frameless glass balustrade finish with no top rail required. Two glass panels are laminated with a SentryGlas interlayer, which is a structural and stiff layer that preserves the glass barrier if both panes of glass break. However, this is a premium product and cost is the reason this hasn’t been a widespread solution up until now.

Increasing demand for frameless balustrades (without top rails), means Juralco are continually updating their range to include more laminated glass options. Edgetec Infinity balustrade with SentryGlas has proven very popular in areas known for their panoramic views such as Taupo and Queenstown. Now the Edgetec Double Disc Anchor balustrade has been revised to include both laminated glass and Sentry laminated options, broadening the range that customers can choose from.

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