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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Desso Airmaster Carpet Tiles

The average person spends approximately 90% of their time indoors. This coupled with high asthma rates in New Zealand means indoor air quality is one of the biggest challenges in designing healthier environments.

Designed and engineered to enhance occupant health and wellbeing, AirMaster carpet captures and retains fine dust and other particulate matter. The dense carpet acts as a filter, trapping dust and other contaminants within its pile until it is vacuumed, thereby preventing the exacerbation of dust-related allergies and asthma.

To achieve this, AirMaster utilises a unique two-part profile. Fine yarned Desso AirFilters trap very fine dust and are combined with the thicker yarns of Desso DustCollectors, which capture coarser particles.

As a consequence, AirMaster is eight times more effective than smooth flooring solutions and four times more effective than standard carpet when it comes to capturing and retaining fine dust.

Verified by independent testing, AirMaster has subsequently become the first product in the world to achieve GUI Gold Label Certification.

Desso is distributed in New Zealand by Jacobsen Creative Surfaces. A private, family business established in 1962, Jacobsen has a reputation for quality products and has been providing expert service to the industry in New Zealand for over 55 years.

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