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Ensure a Cool Summer with Hometech's Solar Fan

What is a Solar Fan?

A Solar Fan is a solar-powered extraction fan designed to be seamlessly integrated onto the exterior of a roof. This innovative system effectively removes excess heat and moisture from the attic, mitigating potential damage and lowering energy expenses.

As the name suggests, Solar Fans are powered 100% by the sun. Because the fan runs on solar power, it automatically runs without the need to manually turn it on or off. No electricians are required for installation and no batteries to replace in the future either.

Enhancing indoor comfort through attic cooling

During New Zealand's hot summers, attics can become veritable heat traps. Without proper ventilation, this trapped hot air can significantly elevate indoor temperatures. A Solar Fan evacuates this excess heat, preventing it from infiltrating the living spaces below.

Promoting energy efficiency

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, the Hometech Solar Fan aligns perfectly with these values. By harnessing the power of the sun, it reduces reliance on air conditioning, making homes more energy-efficient and reducing environmental impact.

A key element in energy-efficient design

In the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient design, a Solar Fan is an invaluable addition. It complements other eco-friendly features, helping to create homes that are as environmentally responsible.

10-Year leakproof assurance

Hometech pride themselves in being the ventilation specialists. They are also through roof experts with over 30 years of experience supplying and installing roof mounted solutions. Their Solar Fan installations come with a standard 10-year Leakproof Guarantee, underpinned by proprietary flashings tailored to the roof's profile. Rest easy knowing Hometech's certified installers prioritise client  satisfaction and utilise top-quality materials for enduring performance.

Elevate comfort and efficiency with Hometech's Solar Fans

With their hands-free operation, zero energy costs, and straightforward installation, Hometech's Solar Fans offer an unparalleled solution for maintaining indoor comfort in the face of rising temperatures. Get in touch with Hometech's ventilation specialists today to discover the ideal Solar Fan for your architectural projects.

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