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Minimise Moisture in the Roof Cavity

Attic ventilation is a home’s unsung hero when it comes to helping regulate temperature and moisture levels. It helps to keep families warm in the winter and cool in the summer to reduce heating/cooling costs.

Summer cooling

When the heat of summer hits, the Solar Star Roof Fan can be vented from the attic to keep living spaces comfortable, air conditioning units from overworking, and roof structures and materials from deteriorating.

  • Pulls heat from the attic and structure of the home
  • Provides a more comfortable interior
  • Lowers air conditioning energy bills

Winter protection

Cold temperatures outside combined with excess humidity inside can do serious damage to a home’s structure. The Solar Star Roof fan works to prevent that damage by: 

  • Equalising attic and exterior temperatures
  • Eliminating damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture
  • Avoiding leaks and structural decay from ice damming
  • Mitigating weakened internal structures caused by mould and fungus growth

Hometech's Solar Star Roof fan is installed with BRANZ appraised roof flashing, and as there is no electrical wiring required, meaning installation is very quick.

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