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Mars India Choose Solatube for Sustainable Lighting Solution

From the beginning, the plan was to build an eco-friendly, sustainable facility. To do this, Mars India needed to design an 18,581m² building that used minimal energy, operated efficiently, offered a comfortable work environment, and preserved the environment.

Since temperature stability is an important factor in the manufacture of chocolate, Mars India needed to tightly control the heat generated by lighting. This would help assure first-rate product quality and high yields.

Through the use of daylighting, the company hoped to turn off all lights and reduce air conditioning use during the day while maintaining a stable temperature.

As chief engineer for the Mars India project, Eric van Deijck sought a best-in-class natural lighting solution that minimised solar heat gain and its impact on both cooling load and product quality.

During the planning process, Van Deijck recalled that other Mars facilities had successfully used Solatube Daylighting Systems as their lighting solution. Intrigued by the concept, he contacted Global Enersol Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the Solatube distributor for India, and scheduled a presentation with Director Sanjay Sheth.

When they met, Van Deijck learned that the tubular daylighting devices made by Solatube International, Inc. had been installed in more than 100,000 commercial facilities in over 100 countries. He was also pleased to discover that the Solatube units had worked exceptionally well in food processing production areas, warehouses, and offices — the same spaces he required for his India project.

“The high-quality engineering that goes into making a Solatube Daylighting System what it is, like providing uniform light throughout the day 365 days a year...that is what clinched the deal with Mars,” Sheth said.

A Model Solution for Every Space

About 450 Solatube units were installed during the multi-phase Mars India building project. Sheth’s team developed designs for facility areas using different Solatube models — each configuration providing an optimised level of consistent, high-quality daylight.

  • Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS units in the warehouse
  • Solatube SolaMaster Series 330 DS units in production areas
  • Solatube SolaMaster Series 750 DS units in offices
  • Solatube Brighten Up Series 290 DS units in corridors

“He [Sheth] was a great help in making sure we got the right type in every area…how many we would need and where they would have to be positioned,” said Van Deijck. “Solatube provided a total solution.”

Based on the success of daylighting at Mars India and other Mars installations in Europe, the chocolate manufacturer plans to continue using Solatube products for future projects.

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