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Higher R-values for the Pink Batts Thermal Insulation Range

Tasman Insulation has added Pink Batts Ultra R6.0 Ceiling (235mm), Pink Batts Ultra R6.3 Ceiling (250mm) and Pink Batts Ultra R7.0 Ceiling (260mm) to the range of Pink Batts Ultra products. The width and height dimension will mirror the rest of the Pink Batts ceiling range at 1220mm x 432mm.

Insulation with a high R-value increases the thermal resistance of the elements (wall, roof and underfloor) of the building where it is installed. A higher R-value reduces the rate of heat loss (or gain in summer) from a building and decreases the energy consumption needed to heat and cool a home.

The new Pink Batts Ultra products are the ideal insulation for specifiers and designers with projects located in the colder climate areas in New Zealand, such as Central Otago and the Central North Island.

For retrofit scenarios, installing high R-value insulation, maintaining the 25mm air gap (between the roof underlay and the top of the insulation) and covering at least 50% of the top plate can be difficult and Pink Batts recommends using a thinner product around the perimeter.

In addition to the new ceiling products, five existing products are to be rebranded as Pink Batts Ultra to reflect their premium levels of thermal performance:

  • Pink Batts Ultra R3.2 140mm Wall
  • Pink Batts Ultra R3.6 140mm Wall
  • Pink Batts Ultra R4.0 140mm Wall
  • Pink Batts Ultra R2.6 Steel Wall
  • Pink Batts Ultra R2.6 Narrow Wall

For specifying insulation above NZBC requirements, the Pink Batts Ultra products for walls and ceilings are a sound choice.

All of the Pink Batts Ultra range are BRANZ appraised, Greenguard IAQ certified, Environmental Choice certified and carry the Pink Batts lifetime warranty.

For further information including a product data sheet, visit the Pink Batts Technical Catalogue.

View more information on Pink Batts Insulation, including contact details.
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