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Choose a Sleek Look with Mini Tufted Carpet

Few carpet tile manufacturers globally have managed to perfect the mini tuft technique, and Heritage Carpets is pleased its partner modulyss is one of them. This is an extremely low, tight and durable carpet finish, achieved by using more tufting needles, closer together. Tufting machines are also run more slowly to ensure a smooth, defined finish, which is often described as a fine “tailored look”.

Mini tuft, another sustainability initiative, uses one third less yarn than an average textured carpet pile while achieving the same and possibly superior performance. The lower tufts have little room to move, eliminating the friction possible in higher textured or looser carpet surfaces. They may offer little in the way of comfort, but they do maximise the performance lifespan of the carpet tile, which is perfect in the commercial arena.

The modulyss carpet ranges contain several options for mini tufted carpet tiles. The most recent additions to the modulyss family are Opposite, Opposite Lines and Grind from the Handcraft Collection.

Opposite carpet tiles offer simplicity, functionality and minimalism. The Scandinavian colour palette includes blues, soft greys and natural shades of brown and beige, which all capture the light perfectly. Opposite carpet tiles can only be installed in checkerboard and meet all the requirements for extremely intensive project use.

To add an extra dimension to floors, the Opposite range can be mixed and matched with Opposite Lines. This mini-tufted carpet tile, available in six colours and offers a clean and modern look, with a linear pattern. As per the Opposite range, Opposite Lines carpet tiles can also only be installed in checkerboard and meet all the requirements for intensive project use. 

Grind, part of the Handcraft Collection, explores the relationship between nature and craft, in a design that responds to the macro-trend of welcoming nature inside the workspace. Grind uses 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials.

Another reason to choose Grind is it is included in the modulyss CO2 reduction initiative. CO2RE is standard on all designs of the Handcraft collection: Moss, Leaf, Willow and Grind.

Mini tufted carpets have low, extremely tight, tough construction, giving them the ability to deal with NZ's harsh sun and any vigorous cleaning programme. This makes them suitable for many commercial and high traffic situations — and they look pretty good too.

Contact a local Heritage Carpets Architectural Consultant to find out if mini tuft carpet would suit a particular project.

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