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How Carpets Can Contribute to Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in commercial spaces is a major consideration when designing interiors. Most will look immediately to electrical appliances and lighting — all of which have been improved significantly in recent years in terms of low consumption options.

However, many will not realise that the light reflectance value of the large surfaces within an interior can also contribute significantly to energy savings in modern interiors. In basic terms, the more light the walls, floor or ceiling reflect back into the space, the less artificial light will be required. Up to date commercial interiors may feature intelligent lighting which adjusts constantly to maintain requirements with the minimum consumption.

Importantly, there are often very few walls in modern commercial spaces, and fewer suspended ceilings. Therefore, carpets are becoming more and more significant when considering both acoustics and light reflection.

Modulyss carpet tiles are presented in folders with each colour's Light Reflectance Value marked clearly next to the colour chip. This makes it very simple to select colours with a slightly higher LRV.

Solution dyed carpets are simple to clean, but very light colours will require much more maintenance. This increases cost and energy consumption related to cleaning. Mid-range shades are best in theory, and also those with higher contrast (L) within the design. This ensures reasonable light reflectance, but also better appearance retention.

LRV and contrast are measured in simple 1 – 100 scales. For example mid grey Modulyss Millennium NXTGEN 989 has an LRV of 11 and a Contrast Ratio of (L) 40, whereas Millennium NXTGEN 993 has an LRV of only 6 and L 27. Heritage Carpets would suggest using a higher ration of the Millenium NXTGEN 918 colour in a design if using both.

There are other important reasons to refer to LRVs in the design of workplaces and public spaces. For example, safety — furniture, floors, walls and doors should have clearly differing colours, or be in contrast to one another, to aid the visually impaired and highlight the changes in surface depths safely. LRV references make this very easy.

Heritage Carpets is making specification easy with quality information from Modulyss. Get in touch for further discussion.

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