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Reduce Sound with dBack Acoustic Carpet Backing

In modern offices noise has a major impact on people’s psychological and physical wellbeing and so can reduce performance and productivity.

With wide-open spaces to provide a feeling of space and to encourage communication, the modern office is devoid of natural sound absorbers such as ceilings, partitions and separate offices. For these reasons, noise is ever-present. With the current popularity of cool, cold and acoustically reflective architectural surfaces, such as glass and concrete, this problem is highlighted even further. Modern office environments simply aren’t equipped to deal well with noise.

modulyss dBack helps to reduce noise to allow concentration, yet at the same time provide an environment where communication is easy. The backing also absorbs footfall impact, reduces leg muscle fatigue and generally makes the environment a more comfortable place to be. modulyss selected the most dense and stable felt backing in order to assure the perfect seams and the steadiness all through the life cycle of the carpet tiles.

Compared with modulyss' standard back2back backing, dBack provides a minimum improvement of 50% in sound absorption and an average improvement of 15% impact noise rating.

Combine with modulyss In-Groove carpet tiles to cover all aspects of flooring wellness. In-Groove tiles have been developed to reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air. Their unique groove structure captures and retains fine dust particles so that they scarcely spread in rooms. In-Groove is ideal for schools, offices and other heavily utilised areas.

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