Curved Glass Sliding Doors for Jagged Edge Guest House

with Glasshape01 August 2017


Overlooking Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, Jagged Edge is a striking and impressive private residence designed to take in the majesty that the surrounding Southern Alps provide. Immediately adjacent is the Jagged Edge Guest House, an equally impressive dwelling featuring sweeping curves to take in the same magnificent views. Glasshape's curved glass sliding doors, partitioning and balustrading provide a striking contrast to the angular facade of The Guest House's better known parent.

Curved glass sliding doors require precision glass bending technology and top-shelf fixtures and fittings to ensure they operate effortlessly. At Jagged Edge Guest House, Glasshape curved glass sliding doors, together with floor to ceiling curved frosted glass panels, partition off the interior rooms. In addition, a central structural column was turned into a major feature spanning three stories, with TemperShield curved frameless glass balustrading providing safety with unobstructed visibility.

Glasshape is delighted with the result that was achieved in this challenging project.

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