Glasshape are manufacturers of specialist glass solutions including curved glass, high security glass, switchable glass and cyclone resistant glass.

Product literature confirmed current on June 7 2017


TemperShield Toughened Curved Glass

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TemperShield Curved Glass is specifically designed to maximise the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety. It is suited for architects and designers for commercial and residential buildings, houses, super-yachts and boats.

TemperShield's unique property enables custom curved or bent toughened glass to be designed and manufactured to uneven radii, conical and even spherical shapes.

Key Features

  • Maximises the use of space and light without compromising on design, quality or safety
  • Ideal for open and frameless mounting methods
  • Customised shaped monolithic glass tailored for your individual project
  • Available in large panels to enhance your project design whilst improving functionality
  • Worry free turnkey package from consultation through to manufacture and supply
  • Can be produced in variety of thicknesses, in countless shapes, curved and flat
  • Two and three dimensional custom glass shapes and curved designs can be manufactured
  • Ability to curve glass to uneven radii
  • Marine certified where applicable

Scope of Use

TemperShield Curved Glass is tailored to suit any project and design.

TemperShield′s structural strength enables large areas to be spanned with the use of minimal framework. The Glasshape manufacturing process means two and three dimensional custom glass shapes and curves can be produced to meet your design and performance requirements.

The most common applications of TemperShield Curved Glass:

  • Swimming Pool fencing
  • Balustrading
  • Spiral staircases
  • Curved glass commercial shop-fronts
  • Curved glass bay windows
  • Toughened glass canopies, rooflytes and atriums
  • Internal partitioning
  • Shower screens
  • Curved toughened frameless doors
glasshape curved tempered glass spiral staircase bp 2

Glasshape Delivers Curved Glass for Striking Spiral Staircase

September 2017

Custom TemperShield curved toughened glass was supplied for the challenging curved staircase design which features glass, wood, steel and acrylic. 

glasshape tempershield curved balustrade sliding doors partitions queenstown 3

Curved Glass Sliding Doors for Jagged Edge Guest House

August 2017

Glasshape's curved glass sliding doors, partitioning and balustrading provide a striking contrast to the angular facade of neighbouring Jagged Edge. 

glasshape curved glass staircase atrium 1

Glasshape Provides Dramatic Curved Glass Staircase for Atrium Homes

July 2017

The tight curve of the staircase was achievable and affordable thanks to Glasshape's advanced glass processing techniques.

glasshape tempershield curved glass facade 1

Curved Glass Facade Turns Heads at Ebbett Audi Hamilton

June 2017

The eye-catching facade features Glasshape's curved and tempered TemperShield glass which maximises light and visibility for the car dealership.

Architectural TemperShield Cairns Apartment 9.15

Curved Glass for Dramatic Spiral Staircase

June 2015

Glasshape's TemperShield Toughened Curved Glass balustrade has added the finishing touch to this stunning spiral staircase in Cairns, Australia.