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Designing to E3 Internal Waterproofing with GIB

It is best practice to use GIB Aqualine or GIB Toughline Aqua for watersplash areas with an impervious finish or within wet areas where it is finished with an impervious wall lining such as tiles, integrally waterproof sheet lining, or decorative high pressure laminate. This will also ensure the overall wall construction maintains its integrity longer when exposed more frequently to moisture and one-off events such as leaks or flooding.

Builder and homeowner Reade Wilson recently installed GIB Aqualine in his own bathroom at Wilson House. 

“GIB Aqualine is my favourite drywall product," says Reade. "I've seen what can grow on (and in) other products. Yet GIB Aqualine has the ability to withstand humid environments and stay in mint condition."

"Part of my job is performing ongoing maintenance on the houses we're lucky enough to work on. As part of that maintenance, I sometimes see the damage water can do if it's not properly contained," says Reade. "GIB Aqualine gives me confidence that if a leak were to occur the GIB Aqualine could sustain the damage by not unnecessarily absorbing moisture and continue to do its job.”

A few things to note when using GIB Aqualine or GIB Toughline Aqua for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries:

  • You can’t tile over the plasterboard lining when installed over a GIB Rail or STWC Acoustic Clip (ST001).
  • Fastener centres to be maximum 150mm to perimeter of wall and all intermediate studs when walls are tiled.
  • When plasterboard lining is installed horizontally, a row of nogs is required behind the horizontal joint in showers or showers over bath situations.
  • Tiled internal corners of showers and showers over bath should have a minimum 32 x 32x 0.55mm galv. metal angle installed over the framing from floor to at least 1.8m high. This angle is not a flashing but is there to strengthen the corner and ensure the waterproof membrane does not crack (see image 3 above).
  • Maximum allowed tile weights are as per table in image 4 above. An allowance for tile adhesive and grout has been made in the calculation.
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