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Weatherline Delivers a Sustainable Option for Sustainably-Minded Designer

Winstone Wallboards work closely with architects and designers, developing and supplying products that are constantly evolving and breaking new ground. The commitment to sustainability makes their products a perfect fit for architectural designers such as Christchurch based Fiona Macpherson of Fiona Macpherson Architecture, who is passionate about creating healthy, high-performance homes using sustainable local materials.

As an architectural designer committed to using non-toxic materials, she liked the fact that GIB Weatherline didn’t need to be treated and could be recycled. And while non-toxic materials can often be difficult or more costly to install, GIB Weatherline proved to be affordable and easy to use, even for first-time users. She also described the colour as a standout.

But Fiona wasn’t the only one who was impressed. Project builders, Steve Pomeroy Builders, loved the fact that only a craft knife was needed to score and snap. Even more importantly, GIB Weatherline contributed to the bracing and the speed of the build, enabling early close-in so that builders could keep working regardless of the weather conditions, helping mitigate delays.

For an architectural designer who designs homes not to meet the building code, but to exceed it, Fiona says products like GIB Weatherline are invaluable.

Not only has Fiona completed the Living Building Challenge training, but she is also a strong advocate of Declare, considered to be the most advanced sustainability certification in the built environment. Winstone Wallboards is transparent and honest about their environmental position and has Declare certification* for a range of its plasterboards.

“Using GIB Weatherline on our project made perfect sense — we have been searching for a non-toxic, easy to install rigid air barrier,” she says. “I also love that [Winstone Wallboards] GIB are local and convey they are working hard on being more sustainably responsible. So am I.”

*Visit to view the full list of Winstone Wallboards Declare certificates.

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