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GIB Toughline Aqua Brings Water-Resistance to Walls

GIB Toughline Aqua has been specially developed for situations that require multiple performance characteristics including impact, fire, noise, bracing, water and mould resistance.

Like GIB Toughline, GIB Toughline Aqua is a 13mm thick high-density plasterboard with a continuous fiberglass mesh embedded inside the back face of the board. This gives the board increased impact resistance and reduces repair costs. GIB Toughline Aqua has the additional benefit of a water-resistant core containing special polymers to help prevent steam and moisture penetration.

Winstone Wallboards recommends the use of GIB Toughline Aqua in situations where both impact and water resistance are required. By employing both GIB Toughline and GIB Toughline Aqua together, specifiers and contractors can utilise the most efficient and cost-effective board for the purpose, with water resistance only in areas that require that additional performance.

GIB Toughline Aqua can also be used as a multiple performance plasterboard to cover a wide range of performance situations, particularly for instances where a contractor would prefer fewer boards on site and higher performance generally across the project.

The performance of GIB Toughline Aqua is equivalent to GIB Superline, and any specifications that specify GIB Superline can use either GIB Superline or GIB Toughline Aqua as the product name transitions in the market.

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